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Root Canal Therapy

What exactly is a root canal therapy?


Every tooth has a hollow centre called the dental pulp that contains pulp tissue, blood vessels and nerves. The dental pulp can become diseased (usually due to trauma, deep tooth decays, cracked tooth and previously filled deep fillings) causing toothaches and infection.


If left untreated, the pulp disease can ultimately result in spreading of the infection to areas beyond the mouth, loss of localised bone and/or loss of the diseased tooth. The root canal therapy (also known as endodontic treatment) is a dental procedure that involves removing the diseased or infected pulp of the tooth and sealing the tooth with a root filling – in order to save the tooth that would otherwise be lost.


Despite the common misconception that “root canals don’t work”, studies show success rates of endodontic treatments (root canal therapy) are generally good and vast majority of the patients should expect a functional tooth after the treatment. If you require any endodontic treatment, we advise that you come and talk to us at Warrigal Dental and find out exactly how we can manage your tooth.

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